Mesghal Exchange

  • You can visit Mesghal Exchange office in Toronto to purchase Canadian Dollars, US Dollars and Digital Currency with your banking card.
  • Currency units exchange
  • Money transfer to anywhere in Canada

About Us

Mesghal Exchange is one of the most reputable and established money exchange businesses in Canada and our central office is located in Toronto.

With many years of experience, Mesghal Money Exchange is offering the most reasonable rates. Mesghal exchange services are quick and accurate, and we are proudly offering services to many Persian speaking residents in different provinces in Canada.

Currency Exchange

We offer competitive rates for the exchange of currency units to Canadian Dollars and vise versa. We also offer exchange services for US Dollar, Euro and digital currency.

Money Transfer Everywhere in Canada

We offer competitive rates for currency exchange to Canadian Dollars and vise versa. We also provide US Dollar, Euro and digital currency services.

Digital Currency Consultation

We provide digital currency exchange services and offer training on digital currency account opening, activity and trade.

Tuition Fee Payment

We provide services to help you pay your tuition fees by receiving tuition fees in Rial inside Iran and making payments of tuition fees and completing banking requirements for all schools, colleges and universities in Canada.

Immigration Expenses Payment

We provide services that help you with the payment of immediate and urgent Canada Immigration expenses such as interview fees and bank drafts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide services for university or other school registration?

Yes, if you send us a request and provide the account information, we can complete all registration requirements such as payment of registration fees, educational semester fee, dormitory fee, bank loan monthly dues, and/or any other educational payments.

Swift Transfer

For all Swift transfers you must provide a photo ID and required banking information of destination account such as Name of Bank, Address, Phone Number & Bank Account No.

Western Union Transfer

For all Western Union transfers you must provide Photo ID, Full Name of payment recipient, address, and phone number.

What information is required for depositing money into my bank account in Canada?

Name of Bank, the three digit code of bank account and Account Holder information (if you are not the account holder)

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